Focused on Massachusetts Appellate Litigation

If you did not succeed, an appeal could provide much needed relief. If you did succeed, the other side may challenge that outcome. If you succeeded in part, you may wish to appeal that part that you lost. Whatever the outcome, you need experienced appellate counsel to advise you of your options in a new, higher court — the appellate court.

Appellate focus. Attorney William M. Driscoll is an experience in appellate advocacy, both civil appeals and criminal appeals. Attorney Driscoll has pursued justice in the Massachusetts Appeals Court, the Massachusetts SupremeJudicial Court (SJC), and to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Stronger arguments. Attorney Driscoll offers appellate perspective. An appeal is not a retrial, it decides whether an error in the lower court requires relief. At times, the lower courts simply "get it wrong." Other times a case presents the need to extend or change the existing law. There is no substitute for crisp, precise, and focused legal analysis and argument.

Better outcomes. Attorney Driscoll knows how appellate judges think. He speaks their language. He confidently discusses the law with panels of appellate justices so that they may make an informed decision. The ability to frankly present the facts and the law is key for appellate persuasion. Each level of appeal becomes more critical, so start on your best footing.

Services for attorneys. Attorney Driscoll also offers his appellate expertise to other lawyers at all stages of litigation. He provides strategic litigation planning with an eye towards preserving the record for appeal. He provides appellate-level research and analysis for motion and jury instruction preparation, and can act in a "second-chair" capacity at trial to avoid waiver problems and preserve issues for appeal.


I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney William Driscoll on several occasions. He specializes in appeals. Bill has great knowledge, skill, and precision -- three traits critical for expert appellate work. He is tremendously knowledgeable in the fine points necessary to appropriately appeals. Bill is also a compassionate soul who is committed to his clients and potential clients. I have no hesitation to strongly recommending Bill to any attorney or client who is contemplating an appeal.
Carolyn, Probate Attorney
I consulted Attorney Driscoll on an appellate issue pertaining to child support. His knowledge of both family law and appellate practice is astonishing. Even more, he is a genuinely nice man. I endorse this attorney wholeheartedly, and look forward to the next opportunity to consult and/or work with him.
Tyler, Divorce & Separation Attorney
Attorney Driscoll is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to complex legal issues and trial strategies to preserve appellate rights. A pleasure to work with on matters.
Jonathan, Guardianship Attorney
I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Driscoll is highly regarded by his colleagues. He knows the law and gets results for his clients.
Brian, Personal Injury Attorney
As a fellow attorney, Bill has helped me on several cases that I was litigating. He understands the relevant statutes and case law inside and out and gives great advice. His appellate work is also quite good.
Deirdre, Family Law Attorney

9.4 William M. Driscoll