Massachusetts 209A Restraining Order Attorney

The gravest mistake is believing that you can represent yourself at a chapter 209A restraining order hearing. Not even a lawyer should represent themselves in court. You cannot remain objective. You tend to say too much, thereby hurting your own efforts. The dialog between you and your accuser is awkward, tense, and the judge will notice. Even the best laid intentions are met with peril.

There is a lot on the line at a chapter 209A restraining order hearing. The safest thing for a judge to do is to issue the abuse prevention order because who wants to be the one who failed to issue that one order that could have saved a life? Expect that a restraining order will issue for a term of one year. The restraining order can be extended, or made permanent, on that anniversary.

Massachusetts 209A Restraining Order Appeal Attorney

Once a restraining order has been issued after your ten-day hearing you have options. You can appeal the restraining order judgment, but must do so in a timely manner. Contact (978-846-5184) MA Restraining order Appeal Attorney William Driscoll for an assessment of your case. You may also wish to consider modifying the conditions of the existing restraining order, or seek to terminate the order. Attorney Driscoll can assist in that effort as well.

The Dangers of a 209A Restraining Order

Having a chapter 209A restraining order over your head can lead to criminal charges, if there is a perceived violation of that order. You will forfeit Constitutional rights. Your First Amendment Right to free speech and freedom of assembly will be curtailed, and a violation can land you in jail. Your Second Amendment right will cease so long as the restraining order is active. Your housing, employment, education, and more can be impacted.

People assume that the judge will "see it their way." Attorney Driscoll receives numerous calls, after the chapter 209A restraining order has issued, where the person says "but I thought I could do it on my own" or "but that is not what I meant." Act early! Call Attorney Driscoll immediately (978-846-5184) upon learning that your may be or are the subject of a temporary restraining order! Your individual rights, and perhaps your freedom, are at stake!