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Attorneys, like medical doctors, possess a general license to practice their profession. But nobody can do everything well. That is why professionals focus their practice on specific areas, to address specific issues. Attorney William Driscoll focuses his law practice on state and federal appellate litigation.

Appellate litigation deals with the appeal of interim trial court orders before trial and the appeal of a final judgment after trial. The appellate court requires a very different type of advocacy than in the trial court. The rules and procedures of the appellate court are drastically different. Many large blocks of solitude time are required for legal research, analysis, writing, and oral argument preparation.

Attorney Driscoll has organized his practice to conform with the unique requirements of appellate litigation. A part of that organization was his decision to end his busy trial court practice because the day-to-day interrupt demands of a trial court practice is counterproductive for appellate work. He has handled a wide range of legal matters on appeal including: business, criminal, divorce & family law, personal injury, probate, and real estate issues.

Attorney Driscoll' special interest niche practice includes assisting amateur ("ham") radios operators facing radio antenna zoning issues. He also handles Federal Communications Commission (FCC) technical rule violations including interference complaints, unlicensed operations, antenna structure registration, lighting and marking.

Attorney Driscoll is well situated to his chosen focus of legal work. He is inquisitive and possesses a keen attention to detail and finely honed legal research, analysis and presentation skills. His proven technical and analytical skills are key inherent assets. He has negotiated, mediated, and litigated a broad range of legal issues. He also possesses hands-on legal, business, management, and technical work experience. He is also well versed in risk management, project management, and communicating with diverse audiences.

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Driscoll achieved notoriety in the field of electronic warfare, forensics and cyber security. His research, design, and development efforts resulted in next-generation technology innovations for government agency and military applications. He interfaced with and supported various federal efforts, from ground-level efforts to senior management briefings. His work required extreme time constraints and with zero-error tolerance.

Mr. Driscoll's technical efforts required diverse expertise and exploiting weaknesses in technology (e.g., routers, switches, systems, applications, "zero-day" vulnerabilities, wired and wireless networks), people (e.g., human nature, social engineering), and physical premises (e.g., secured sites, offices, data centers). He also managed and mentored diverse teams while pursuing business goals.

Mr. Driscoll's proficiencies include operating system design and engineering; protocol analysis; covert channels; codes and cyphers; file systems design and development; raw data retrieval and reconstruction; vulnerability and penetration analysis; intrusion detection, incident analysis and response; and distributed processing.

New England School of Law, Juris Doctor with honors

  • President Anna E. Hirsch Award
    New England Scholar Award
    Technical Editor, New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement
    National Appellate Tax Moot Court Competition

University of Massachusetts, Master of Science, Discrete Mathematics

  • Concentration: Algorithmic Optimization, Cryptography

Worcester State College, Bachelor of Science with honors

  • Major: Communications


  • • Collaborative Law, by Massachusetts Collaborative Law Counsel
  • • Amateur Radio License, by Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • • Mediation, by Divorce Mediation Training Associates


United States District Court, District of Massachusetts

United States Tax Court

United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit

American Bar Association

  • • Judge, National Appellate Advocacy Competition

American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

  • • Volunteer Counsel Program

International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

Massachusetts Bar Association

  • • Appellate Bench Bar Committee

Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services

  • • Post-Conviction and Appeals Panel

New England Law | Boston

  • • Past Adjunct Professor, Legal Research and Writing II (Appellate Advocacy)
  • • Alumni Ambassador
  • • Student Mentor Program
  • • Past National Appellate Tax Moot Court Coach

Scribes, The American Society of Legal Writers

Author: Appeals Court Overturns Mandatory Pre-Litigation Mediation, published in the Family Mediation Quarterly by the Massachusetts Counsel on Family Mediation (14 Fam. Mediation Q. 3, Spring 2015).

Author: Rule 56(f): Precursor to a Substantive Opposition to Summary Judgment, published in the Massachusetts Law Review by the Massachusetts Bar Association (95 Mass. Law Rev. 171, June 2013).

Adjunct Professor, New England Law | Boston, Legal Research and Writing II (Appellate Advocacy), 2013.

Author: Information Security: A Business Necessity for Mediators, published in the Family Mediation Quarterly by the Massachusetts Counsel on Family Mediation (8 Fam. Mediation Q. 20, Summer 2009).

Seminar Chair/Presenter: Ready for Compliance? New Security Regulations Affecting All Collaborative Professionals, hosted by the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Counsel on February 26, 2009.