Massachusetts Appellate Access to Justice

Massachusetts Civil & Criminal Appeals

Attorney William Driscoll might be the only Massachusetts Appeals Lawyer offering sliding scale fees for appellate representation. Why does he make that offer? Because he believes that nobody should pursue an appeal without professional counsel. Assuming that an appeal is similar to actions in the trial court is a critical error.

The term "access to justice" often congers up thoughts of formidable barriers that can halt cases at the outset. There is a right to appeal, but that right is squandered when not properly and effectively pursued. If an appeal is worth doing then it is worth doing right. Doing it right means hiring experienced appellate counsel to ensure the best chance of success.

The facts are determined in the trial court, sometimes erroneously. An appeal reviews the process afforded and the law applied in the trial court. The issues pursued on appeal must be grounded in the law and formally addressed through well researched legal argument. That is what an experienced appellate lawyer provides to you and the appellate court.

Nothing in life is free. Attorney Driscoll offers everyone affordable appellate access to justice. Call (978-846-5184) to learn more about his appellate services.