Business & Commercial Appellate Attorney

Attorney William Driscoll represents businesses and individuals on appeal. He handles a wide variety of business and commercial law issues on appeal, including:

  • • Breach of contract
  • • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • • Business torts
  • • Commercial lease disputes
  • • Confidentiality agreements
  • • Construction disputes
  • • Corporate wrongdoing
  • • Defamation and false advertising
  • • Employment and labor issues
  • • Fraud allegations
  • • Malpractice
  • • Non-Compete agreements
  • • Partnership agreements
  • • Real estate transitions
  • • Shareholder disputes
  • • Tortious interference
  • • Trade secrets

Litigation in the trial court is often a zero-sum game with a winner and a loser. The stakes are typically very high, therefore one party will be pleased with the judgment while the other certainly will not. Appealing the judgment is the first thought, but an appeal is not a new trial.

An appeal is a review of what occurred in during the trial court litigation to ensure that "fairness" resulted. The decision to appeal is simple. But the decision to then enter the appeal in the appellate court should be an informed decision by an experienced appellate attorney.