Child Custody Appellate Attorney

Adult relationships can end, but parenting responsibilities continue. Perhaps nothing is more personal than a court's division of parental rights, legal and physical. If not appealed then the court's orders will become the presumed best interest of the child in any future child custody dispute.

  • Physical custody defines with whom, and when, the child will live. It also defines baseline terms for parental communication and child rearing.

  • Legal custody defines the input each parent will have in the child's educational, medical, emotional, moral, and religious development.

Child custody appeals are typically very fact intensive, can include a battle of expert opinion, and require a keen attention to detail. The ramifications of each case is typically far reaching for everyone involved. Today's judgment will be the basis from which future child custody decisions are reviewed.

Child custody issues are fluid, affected by changes in the lives of all involved. Perhaps the most drastic changes occur when the parent with primary custody of a child relocates with the child, an event that typically severely impacts the parental rights of the stay-behind parent.