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Massachusetts Child Support Appeal Attorney

The Child Support Guidelines provides a formula for calculating the presumptive obligations due. But judges make mistakes.

The presumptive child support amount is subject to discretionary "deviation" from the norm. Errors increase as the financial picture becomes more complicated.

If you do not challenge your child support judgment by appeal then the judgment will become the starting point for future child support disputes. Contact (978-846-5184) MA Child Support Appeal Attorney William Driscoll for an assessment of your case.

There are many conditions which render the "Guidelines" uncertain. For example, reimbursed employee benefits, stock options, bonuses, seasonal income, non-W2 income (e.g., business ownership or self-employment income), non-employment income (e.g., investments or rental property), or where there is a special tax impact involved (e.g., S-Corporation or capital gains taxation).

Child support appeals are typically very fact intensive, can include a battle of expert opinion, and require a keen attention to detail. The ramifications of each case is typically far reaching.