FFL Curio & Relic Collector License Attorney

Every Federal Firearm License Requires Strict Compliance

Obtaining a FFL Curio and Relic (C&R) License is relatively straight forward. The application for federal firearm license (collector of curio and relics) comes with directions. The applicant must possess the right to purchase and possess handguns, rifles, and shotguns in their State. In Massachusetts, a License to Carry (LTC) must first be obtained.

FFL transaction records are required and the FFL holder may not engage in the business of firearms. These, and many other laws and regulations must be followed. The holder of a Curio and Relic FFL may acquire and sell firearms through interstate commerce with other FFL holders.

An FFL C&R holder is not bound by State regulations which may limit the types of firearms that may be sold by an FFL gun dealer in that State. But the firearm must be a designated a "curio and relic firearm" or the transaction will not be governed by your FFL. An error can result in substantial criminal penalties, for example, for the cross-State purchase or sale of a handgun.

An FFL curio and relic holder may petition the ATF to add to the published list of curio and relic qualifying firearms (2007 List, 2014 List Update). Attorney Driscoll assists FFLs in accomplishing the task of documenting the rational for adding certain firearms and other curios and relics to the ATF C&R list.

The risk of not complying with all of the duties and responsibilities of a FFL curio and relic license include not only loss of license, federal criminal prosecution and the loss of your Second Amendment rights. Learn your duties and follow them exactly.

If you require FFL compliance assistance, or wish to petition for a firearm to be added to curio and relic status, then contact (978-846-5184) gun law Attorney William Driscoll to learn how he can assist you. Remember, Second Amendment rights are a terrible thing to lose!