Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC) Attorney

Massachusetts Heavily Regulates Ammunition & Guns

The holder of a Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC) may legally purchase, rent, lease, borrow, possess and carry all items permitted under an FID Card plus handguns, large capacity rifles and shotguns, and large capacity feeding devices (gun magazine). A LTC may be held by an individual, a club or facility with an on-site shooting range, or a gallery.

If you have any desire to purchase or possess a handgun or a "large capacity" rifle or shotgun, or to carry a firearm in public, then you need a Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC). The procedure for obtaining a Massachusetts License to Carry guns can be found at G. L. c. 140, § 131 (for a resident) or G. L. c. 140, § 131F (for a non-resident).

To obtain an LTC, you cannot be a federally prohibited person or a prohibited person under Massachusetts law. Once you obtain an LTC, there is a maze of additional laws and statutes that must be followed to avoid criminal activity, which is harshly punished in Massachusetts.

Do you seek to apply for a Massachusetts LTC, challenge the denial of a LTC, or wish to reinstate your LTC rights? Do you seek to learn how to avoid criminal behavior? Contact 978-846-5184 Massachusetts gun law Attorney William Driscoll to learn how he can assist you. Remember, Second Amendment rights are a terrible thing to lose!