Massachusetts Personal Injury & Property Damage Appeals Attorney

There is always the danger that firearms, ammunition, and explosives can cause personal injury or property damage. That is the reality of things that go "bang." The damage can caused can be catastrophic.

A personal injury & property damage gun lawyer should be consulted as soon as possible. Evidence must be preservation and obtained which may otherwise be destroyed. Early contact with a gun lawyer allows a diagnosis of the case and may impact its eventual outcome.

Having a lawyer who understands the science and the law of your situation can make can result the difference because guns, ammunition, and explosives are heavily regulated. Severe personal injury or property damage can result from the catastrophic failure of a firearm (right) or negligent ammunition storage or use (below right).

Sample: Firearms, Ammunition, or Explosives

Injury can occur from the proper and misuse of a gun, ammunition, or explosive. While the action causing the personal injury can be intentional, it can also be the result of malfunction or negligence. For example:

  • • Injury caused by a stun gun or other weapon
  • • Suicide by gun
    • Was appropriate medical case provided beforehand?
    • Should the individual have had access to a gun or ammunition?
  • • Negligence
    • Should the individual have had access to a gun?
    • Was improper supervision a factor?
    • Was the use of a gun excessive force?
    • Were alternatives available before using deadly force?
    • Is the "Castle Doctrine" or other self-defense available?
  • • Malfunction
    • Was there a manufacture's defect, in the gun or ammunition?
    • Was the firearm improperly maintained?
    • Was reloaded ammunition involved?
    • Should the individual have had access to a gun or ammunition?
    • Was improper supervision or other negligence a factor?

Attorney Driscoll keeps abreast of changes in Massachusetts and federal firearm laws. He deciphers the conflicts between them and examines minute details in the gun laws. No two gun cases are the same.

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