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Massachusetts Gun Crime Appeal Attorney

Brandishing a Firearm

The word "brandish" means to wave or flourish (a weapon, for example) menacingly. The gray area is when a gun is "displayed" in a manner which could be considered flaunting or ostentatious exhibition. Worse yet, someone could report a "threating individual with a gun" from the mere glimpse of a gun or its print.

Brandishing cases are very fact specific and the act of brandishing is usually the basis for a search which results in another criminal charge. Any gun conviction is serious because it has collateral consequences affecting your future. You can also be charged for violating federal gun laws. For example, under federal law it is illegal for a prohibited person to possess a gun.

You are not just charged with just any crime, you are facing a gun crime. Why wouldn't you seek out a criminal defense lawyer focused on gun law?

Attorney Driscoll keeps abreast of changes in Massachusetts and federal firearm laws. He deciphers the conflicts between them and examines minute details in the gun laws. Meticulous preparation and review of the facts alleged and the extensive body relevant gun law available is necessary to break down the prosecutor's case.

No two gun cases are the same. Identifying and challenging the most minute details can change the outcome of your case. Protect yourself and your future. Call (978-846-5184) Appeals Attorney William Driscoll to learn more.