Massachusetts Gun Law Attorney

State & Federal Law

Attorney William Driscoll is passionate about protecting the liberties that made America great. He protects your legal rights in a wide range of circumstances where gun law knowledge can make the difference in the outcome. If you do not see what you need on this page, call 978-846-5184 Attorney Driscoll to learn about his other gun law services.

Gun Crime

Attorney Driscoll offers representation to individuals charged with a gun crime and collateral crimes. He also handles handles any criminal appeal, including firearm crimes.

Having an attorney who knows the intricacies of the complex maze of State and federal gun law can make the difference. Gun crimes carry heavy punishment and result in collateral future consequences.

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Personal Injury

Guns and ammunition can result in personal injury and property damage even under the best of circumstances. There may be a malfunction, negligence, or the inevitable liability lawsuit following a "lawful shooting."

Having a lawyer who understands the science and the law of your situation can make the difference because firearms, ammunition, and explosives are heavily regulated.

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Restraining Orders

Facing a 209A restraining order hearing or appeal? Do not represent yourself. A restraining order will severely impact your life and your Second Amendment rights. A violation results in criminal prosecution.

You face not only the loss of your firearms license, but police confiscation of your guns. You need an attorney who can protect your rights and your investment.

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Gun License Issues

Attorney Driscoll assists individuals, clubs, organizations, and businesses with licensing and ATF issues.

MA Firearm Identification Card (FID)

MA License to to Carry (LTC)

MA Machine Gun License

Restoring State Gun Rights

FFL Curio & Relic Collector (C&R)

Attorney Driscoll offers to help people identify pitfalls and stay out of trouble. If there is a problem, as this page suggests, he is your problem solver.

NICS Denial & Delay

Attorney Driscoll will handle your NICS appeals and, where appropriate, secure a Volunteer Appeal File (VAF) permit to avoid future issues.

The last thing anyone wants when buying a gun is a NICS denial or delay. These are based on State or federal impediments.

The government makes mistakes. The NICS database can have errors.

You have the right to appeal, to secure your full Second Amendment right. Attorney Driscoll corrects personal impediment and the NICS database.

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Gun Transactions

A firearm is a highly regulated piece of property governed by conflict and complex State and federal gun laws. Sample transactions include:

Probate & Firearm Inheritance

Private & FFL Sale & Loan

Transporting & Shipping Firearms

Gun Valuation & Repair

Interstate Transfers

Confiscation & Recovery

NFA Gun Trust Issues

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