Massachusetts Appeals Attorney

Federal and State Court Appellate Representation

Appellate Focus. Stronger Arguments. Better Outcomes.

​Attorney William Driscoll is experienced in prosecuting and defending civil and criminal law appeals. He represents individuals, businesses, and organizations statewide and nationwide who seek to advance or defend appeals.

Attorney Driscoll's practice focuses on appellate matters before the:

  • Massachusetts Appeals Court
  • Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • Federal First Circuit Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court

Attorney Driscoll's substantive areas of practice include:

  • Business/Commercial Law and Contracts
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Consumer Protection and Chapter 93A Actions
  • Child Custody, Divorce, and Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Personal Injury and Malpractice
  • Probate and Trust Law

Attorney Driscoll welcomes outsourcing or serving as co-counsel with trial attorneys for trial support and appellate consulting. He represent businesses and individuals advancing or defending appeals, provides strategic litigation support and appellate counseling.

The first stage of litigation results in trial level outcomes. There, it is important to expertly research the legal issues early on. Attorney Driscoll offers to guide trial counsel in what evidence to adduce to satisfy the legal elements of the law and to most effectively prosecute or defend your case. Meanwhile, trial counsel can focus on expertly adducing and arguing the evidence.

Attorney Driscoll is not a trial lawyer and does not compete with trial lawyers for trial work because that is where trial lawyers excel. Attorney Driscoll focuses on the law-side of litigation. He helps preserve trial court issues for possible appellate review, to not only help you succeed, but to help you keep your success on appeal.

Appeals Attorney Driscoll provides expert and efficient research, writing and editing to lawyers, law firms and legal departments. He has the experience and proven ability to distill a wide variety of complex legal issues into readable, understandable prose. The key to litigation is ensuring that the right issues are preserved for later appellate review, which provides a stronger legal position, enhances settlements, and helps to save clients money on legal fees.

Moving from the trial court to the appellate court is a major shift. Pursuing an appeal like a trial is a recipe for disaster. An appeal requires a new type of lawyer, an appellate lawyer. An individual experienced in legal research and writing who has arranged his practice to allocate the large blocks of time required to craft a well-reasoned and well-written appellate brief. The written brief is the foundation of an appeal because oral argument may not be ordered.

If you are serious about appealing a trial court decision then obtain an evaluation from an experienced appellate attorney. An experienced Massachusetts appeals lawyer regularly practices in the Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court. He knows what the judges want, how they think, and how to effectively communication your case. He offers fresh perspective and a realistic assessment of your case at the appellate level.

Your MA Civil or Criminal Appeal

Your case looks very different at the appellate level. An appeal is a persuasive legal presentation based on the law to a panel of judges, not an emotional plea to a judge or jury. Attorney William Driscoll pursues client rights statewide, in Massachusetts civil and criminal appeals.

Civil appeals involve issues seeking to resolve personal rights or responsibilities, such as contract disputes, divorce, child custody, guardianship, probate, personal injury, property damage, zoning, etc.

Criminal appeals are prosecuted by the Office of the District Attorney and involve crimes such as assault, arson, burglary, gun offenses, drug charges, home invasion, rape, kidnapping, identity theft, etc.

Appeals are very procedural and time sensitive. An appeal begins with the timely filing of a proper notice of appeal. Contact (978-846-5184) Attorney William M. Driscoll to learn more.