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Also Offering Mediation Services

An Appeal Is The End of the Road

Experience is critical because the outcome of an appeal will have lasting consequences. Attorney Driscoll regularly practices in the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court. He knows what judges want, how they think, and how to effectively communicate.

Attorney Driscoll provides appellate services for a broad ranges of legal issues, from criminal convictions to cases arising from the Family & Probate Court. Contact Attorney Driscoll (978-846-5184) for an assessment of your case.

Attorney Driscoll offers mediation services for those who wish to resolve their differences without the expense of litigation. He offers to mediate legal matters before or during trial court litigation and during during appeal. If you can agree to consider mediation, you can succeed.

Gun Law Attorney

Massachusetts & Federal

Gun Rights Come With Responsibilities

A complex maze of State and federal gun laws create risk. Gun law is a niche narrowly focused on the risks associated with Second Amendment rights. Attorney Driscoll advises gun owners, curio & relic collectors (FFL C&R), FFL gun dealers, and others involved with firearms.

Attorney Driscoll's gun law practice spans a wide range of services. For example: restraining order and gun crime defense, restoring firearm licensing rights, firearm seizure and forfeiture recovery, firearm valuation and inheritance, ATF issues, and National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) denials.

Proactive Second Amendment solutions are best. But when an issue does arise, contact Attorney Driscoll immediately (978-846-5184). At that point, time is your enemy.

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