William M. Driscoll

MA Appeals Attorney

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Massachusetts Appeals Attorney

Attorney William Driscoll has one focus, appellate litigation. A new type of lawyer is needed to challenge or defend a trial court decision in the appellate court, an appeals attorney. To learn why, call (978-846-5184).

Appellate Focus     Stronger Arguments     Better Outcomes

On Appeal

​Appeals Attorney William Driscoll prosecutes and defends civil and criminal law appeals. He knows how judges think, what they want, and how to effectively communication your case to them. He distills a wide variety of complex legal issues into concise, direct, and easily read prose. His oral arguments are well prepared and practiced to address any avenue of questioning he may encounter.

Attorney Driscoll represents individuals, businesses, and organizations who seek to advance, or defend, appeals before the:

  • Massachusetts Appeals Court
  • Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • Federal First Circuit Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court

To learn more, call (978-846-5184) to speak with Appeals Attorney William Driscoll.

Appellate Perspective

Attorney William Driscoll offers appellate perspective to enhance litigation positions, settlements, and awards. He provides trial lawyers appellate perspective of the case, legal research and analysis, and finely honed writing skills. He provides an unbiased view of the issues and evidence for most effectively prosecuting or defending the case. Trial counsel can focus on expertly adducing and arguing the evidence while Attorney Driscoll focuses on the law.

Wide Variety of Appeals

Substantive appellate practice areas include:

Pursuing an appeal in the same manner as a trial is a recipe for disaster. An appeal requires a different type of lawyer, an appellate attorney.

Appeals Attorney William Driscoll is focused on distinguishing and developing the law. He applies the broad legal perspective of an appellate judge to the specific details of each case. He offers fresh perspective and a realistic assessment of your case.

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