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Attorney William M. Driscoll offers to assess your legal needs and to provide a frank legal opinion so that you can make an informed decision about your next step.

Massachusetts Appeals Lawyer

There is no substitute for appellate litigation experience.

The risks are very high on appeal. A criminal appeal seeks to reverse a key interim decision or conviction. A Probate & Family Court appeal seeks to change a life-altering trial court outcome, while the prevailing party must defended their hard-fought victory.

Your case undergoes a major shift when moving from the trial court to the appellate court. Persuasive human emotion is replaced with a cold written record of the trial court events. The question becomes whether there was a harmful error or omission that occurred in the trial court which affected your substantive rights.

Appeals Attorney William Driscoll knows what appellate judges want and how to effectively communicate his client's case. He offers top-notch, appellate level legal research, analysis, and argument. He is unbiased by trial court strategy and familiar with the specialized rules of appellate court.

Appeals are governed by strict deadlines. Do not delay. Call Attorney William Driscoll today at 978-846-5184.

Amateur Radio Law

Attorney William Driscoll handles a wide range of amateur radio (a/k/a ham radio) legal matters from antenna support structure zoning to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulatory issues. He holds a Technician class amateur radio license and is a member of the ARRL Volunteer Counsel program. He possesses the technical and legal skills to address your wireless legal issues.