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Attorney William M. Driscoll offers to assess your legal needs and to provide a frank legal opinion so that you can make an informed decision about your next step.

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Civil & Criminal Appeals

Attorney Driscoll regularly practices in the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court. He knows what appellate judges want, how they think, and how to effectively communicate his client's case.

Winning an appeal is an extremely difficult task because the existing conviction or judgment is often affirmed. Experience is critical. An appeal may be the end of the road, so issue potting and persuasively arguing is at a premium.

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Gun Law

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects your right to keep and bear arms, but limitations exist. A glut of State and federal laws regulate individual and commercial firearm activities.

Traversing the maze of State & federal laws is critical. Attorney Driscoll handles a wide range of concerns, including: license issues; Curio & Relics; firearm manufacture, sale, delivery, or transfer; gun possession, storage, carry, or discharge.

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Amateur Radio Law

If you are facing a legal issue related to amateur radio or another wireless activity then call Attorney Driscoll (KA1WEW). He represents individuals and organizations facing a wide range of legal issues.

Whether you face a local or Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issue, Attorney Driscoll can help. For example, he pursues amateur antenna support structure zoning issues, licensing matters, and defense to a FCC enforcement action.

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