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Massachusetts Interstate Child Custody Appeal Attorney>

Adult relationships can end, but parenting responsibilities continue. The division of parental rights is inherently unfair when one parent relocates with the child or children.

The greater the distance involved, the greater the impact on and a child of any age, and the left-behind parent.

There is a lot of room for error when a trial court considers interstate child custody disputes. Trial courts sometimes decide the issue using the wrong State's law or errs in considering the totality of the facts involved.

An interstate child custody judgment will become final if not challenged by appeal. The judgment will become the starting point for future child custody disputes. Contact (978-846-5184) MA Interstate Child Custody Appeal Attorney William Driscoll for an assessment of your case.

Interstate child custody appeals are typically very fact intensive, can include a battle of expert opinion, and require a keen attention to detail. The ramifications of each case is typically far reaching. Ultimately the decision is one of discretion for the judge. But judges make mistakes.