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An Experienced Mediator Can Find Common Ground

Attorney-Mediator William Driscoll enjoys helping people successfully resolve their differences. He offers mediation services before or during litigation in the trial court or appellate court. He offers a wealth of experience from is work as a mediator, negotiator, trial lawyer, and appellate attorney.

Attorney-Mediator William Driscoll helps his clients explore options, appreciate alternative perspectives, and achieve settlement by choice. Clients experience a far more time and cost effective resolution than can be found with court litigation.

Attorney-Mediator William M. Driscoll

If you can agree to consider mediation, you can succeed. Jointly resolved issues tend to last longer than court ordered imperatives. Future issue tend to resolve much easier after a successful mediation. This likely results from learning to actively listen and understanding other perspectives.

Attorney-Mediator Driscoll handles mediation of a broad range of legal issues. One very popular area is divorce, post-divorce, and family law mediation. These cases offer very diverse personalities and issues spanning the entirety of the law. Mediation is appropriate when there is a dispute of a prior agreement or contract, money matters, child welfare, grandparent rights, parental rights, parental relocation, guardianship, property damage, land use, and much more.



As your mediator, Attorney-Mediator Driscoll takes on the role of impartial third-party neutral seeking to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome. In the end, many people are surprised at the efficiency and positive outcome achieved with an effective mediator.

It is important to understand that a mediator does not counsel either party individually. If individual legal advice is desired during mediation then that party will need to consult their own individual attorney. Contact Attorney-Mediator William Driscoll 978-846-5184 to learn more and to move forward towards a worthwile solution.

Representing One Party

A mediator does not counsel either party individually, that would destroy the impartial neutral relationship. Legal advice must come from another source, from Attorney Driscoll. He can be hired to provide one party with legal advice during the mediation process.

As an experience attorney and mediator, Attorney Driscoll enhances the mediation experience and outcome. He offers sound advice and appreciates the significant dynamic difference between litigation and mediation. As a result, he works with you to achieve your goals. Contact Attorney William Driscoll at 978-846-5184 to learn more.