Postnuptial Agreement Appellate Attorney

A postnuptial agreement, or postmarital agreement, is a mutual contract entered into during the marriage. It is a contract. But it is a special type of contract. Some family issues cannot be contracted while the validity of other terms depend on what has occurred since the agreement was signed.

When a postnuptial agreement is exercised, the court is asked to determine the final terms of the postmarital contract. The triggering event can be a divorce or probate action. Your financial future, the future of a business, an inheritance or trust, real estate, cherished collection or other valuable property interest may be riding on the final outcome.

If you do not challenge your postnuptial agreement judgment by appeal then the judgment will become final. Postnuptial agreement appeals can be very fact intensive, can include a battle of expert opinion, and require a keen attention to detail. The ramifications of each case is typically far reaching.