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Massachusetts Will Contest Appeal Attorney

A Will contest can involve a wide range of issues. Some common appellate issues include legal capacity, undue influence, asset waste & recovery, reformation, fraud, forgery, a breach of fiduciary duty or an action to remove or replace an executor or administrator.

Without an appeal, the Will dispute judgment will become final. If the judgment has been appealed and you do not defend the judgment on appeal then you risk losing what you have won. Contact (978-846-5184) MA Will Dispute Appeal Attorney William Driscoll for an assessment of your case.

There is a lot at stake. A Will contest appeal is often emotional. It typically involves important personal or financial assets, perhaps business interests. "Reformation" to preserve the original presumed intention or to effect the presumed rights of a beneficiary.

These appeals are typically very fact intensive, can include a battle of expert opinion, and require a keen attention to detail. The ramifications of each case is typically far reaching. The decision is in the hands of one judge. But judges make mistakes.