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Guns and ammunition are heavily regulated under State and federal laws and regulations. Mistakes are typically met with harsh consequences. Not every gun transaction must involve a federal firearm licensee (FFL). But failing to go through an FFL can be fatal. Do not make mistakes. The complex maze of gun laws and firearm regulations sometimes conflict.

For example, only some "assault weapons" are absolute contraband in Massachusetts. People moving to Massachusetts must get rid of these "certain assault weapons" before relocating. Another example is that certain handguns cannot pass through an FFL in Massachusetts, but they can be acquired in a private sale. But that handgun better not cross state lines and the seller and buyer better be licensed. Those are only a couple of quirks about Massachusetts gun law and regulation. Other States have their own.

If you have had guns confiscated then you really need to be aware of the resulting "rental debt" that you can incur and protect your investment. For example, if the police have confiscated your guns because you were the subject of a restraining order then the State will hold them (likely not the way you would like) for a period of time before they can be disposed of without your consent. You have rights. But are you aware of those rights?

Involving an FFL may not suffice when the transaction spans state lines. Call 978-846-5184 Attorney Driscoll to learn learn how to deal with other firearm transactions as well as more about his services.